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Diabetic CBSE Class X and XII students to have snack-break mid-way of their Examinations

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Indian CBSE Board has announced that for board exams coming up this March and April for class X and class XII, there will be a snack-break for diabetic students to better manage their sugar levels Diabetic type 1 and type 2 students who need to manage their sugar levels may get minor to mid-level difficulties with long hours of sitting at examination desks and so this has been brought in to help them manage the situation better.

Ideally, of course we should strive to create a generation of children that have healthy food and exercise, yoga regimes that keep them healthy and active. And not necessarily develop first-aids after we have allowed them to mess up their health by contributing to terrible food habits, unlimited TV and video gaming, social networking on Net (rather than with real people) and then create snack-breaks during exams. Of course for the affected students this is a welcome measure but on the large scale of health, the least we should do is ensure the next generation grows up healthy.

posted Feb 12, 2017 by anonymous

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