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Gymnastics Gurukula in Bangalore

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A group of three people Manohar Kamath, Muralidhar Kamath and Chandramouli are committed to teach gymnastics for  a fee of INR 25 per month, they have been running the classes for over a decade despite all odds. 

 “Making money was never a part of the plan,“ insists Manohar. “In fact, the four coaches -myself included -work on a volunteer basis. The idea is to make sport affordable to everyone. Many of the children come from poor families, sons and daughters of vegetable vendors for instance. Some of them are physically and mentally challenged as well. We know they will never become competitive gymnasts, but then, winning medals is not everything. What is important is holistic development." Read more

posted Jan 23, 2017 by Sweekar

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An awesome note by a School Principal from Chennai.

Its the Holiday Home Work from the School, but for the Parents for a change. Something that needs to be practised by every parent to make their Vacation as their 'Time Well Spent'.