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‘Jungle Boy’ Documentary Spreads Green Message

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The Jungle Book, the animation fantasy movie released last year, garnered widespread appreciation globally from children and adults alike. Inspired by it, Belagavi-based Jaadhav Cinematographers has put together an animation musical video, a four-minute Hindi documentary about protecting the environment.

"It took three months to conceptualize, shoot and add the graphic elements. The forest in the documentary is real while the animals - black panther, Indian wolf, tiger, sloth bear, deer, crocodile, elephant, monkey, etc - are animated versions," Prashant Jaadhav of Jaadhav Cinematographers said. Read more

posted Jan 12, 2017 by Sweekar

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Nothing wrong with very. But why 'very' something when you can say it more precisely with a better word? Here is something that you can use and still skip VERY. Go ahead and try these out. And guess what? Your kids will probably teach you a lesson or two here too! Enjoy!

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Prasad studies, works at home, helps his father and still manages to score all ‘A’s in his exams

By Anantha Subramanyam KAnantha Subramanyam K, Bangalore Mirror Bureau

 Sitting on the pavement at Gandhinagar, 10-year-old Prasad peers attentively into a book. On closer inspection, you see it is a Mathematics textbook. He will be in Class V this year and does not waste time to catch up on the syllabus. But unlike other school-going children, Prasad has not enrolled into any summer camp for the vacations. He goes to help his father Shakarappa stitch seat covers for auto rickshaws behind Freedom Park instead.
"Though I ask him to spend time at home with his books, he is keen on assisting me and joins me every day. When we do not have any customers, he studies,"
Shankarappa says.

Shankarappa earns an average of Rs 300 a day if he gets enough customers. When Bangalore Mirror visited Prasad's home, he offers to make us tea or coffee. He proceeds to the kitchen, which is just a partition of a 10X15 dwelling with an asbestos roof. "I know how to make coffee and tea and I can also clean the house as my mother leaves early for her work," he says before heading out to fill water as they get water only for one hour."His mother Manjula works in the housekeeping department in Jubilee International Public School. Both Prasad and his elder sister Pavithra goes to this school. The school has waived their fees. We spend only on books and uniform," Shankarappa says. Meanwhile, Prasad returns with coffee and shows us his progress report that is filled with A+ in all disciplines.

In school too, teachers are all praise for Prasad's obedience and hard work. "Though we have enough children under RTE rules, there are many more children from economically weaker sections who need help and guidance. As education is the greatest help, we encourage parents to put the children in our school. Most of these students are brilliant and hardworking. Prasad and his sister Pavithra are shining stars as they excel in all the subjects," says TV Mohan, Chairman of Jubilee International Public School.

As for Prasad, he has a set goal in sight - study well and become a Mechanical Engineer.

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Math has always been a hard subject for most of the kids, when Tarini Wilson, a maths teacher for 30 years, read about the Shanghai technique, in which a teacher breaks down the teaching of concepts and moves on only when every child in the class has understood, she was all ears.

"The fault is in the way we focus on exams when we teach and not on making the student fall in love with the subject," said Wilson, who teaches Class 7 students. "I'm trying to follow the Shanghai method, a buddy technique where students have two hours of lessons and then sit in pairs and work on sums together. It's fun and a great way of learning," she said. Read more

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CBSE board has withdrawn Principal Eligibility Test but the veto in appointments will lie with the government appointed members. However the board is re-looking at the decision taken by the Governing Body regarding the appointment of principals in private schools. 

The official announcement of amended rules in this regard is yet to be announced. Read more 

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A group of three people Manohar Kamath, Muralidhar Kamath and Chandramouli are committed to teach gymnastics for  a fee of INR 25 per month, they have been running the classes for over a decade despite all odds. 

 “Making money was never a part of the plan,“ insists Manohar. “In fact, the four coaches -myself included -work on a volunteer basis. The idea is to make sport affordable to everyone. Many of the children come from poor families, sons and daughters of vegetable vendors for instance. Some of them are physically and mentally challenged as well. We know they will never become competitive gymnasts, but then, winning medals is not everything. What is important is holistic development." Read more