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Catch the founders describe the full benefits of ISpark Talking Books solution on Public TV (Archived edition)

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Watch the Public TV Interview here! (Archived version)  The product is a really cool and fun way for children in the age group 2.5 - 6 years to learn new languages, spoken and verbal skills, improve pronunciation and overall learning. Not to mention, multi-sensory development, ability to quickly build a comprehensive vocabulary in the chosen languages. This video tells you all:  

posted Jan 10, 2017 by anonymous

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We are pleased to inform you that our Talking books solution is now being deployed in Telangana state government schools as part of UNICEF initiated govt project. The amazing audio technology brings new level of learning and interaction to kids. Please find the local TV coverage below. For more information visit us or speak to your sales / distribution contact in the region. Else call us on 080 4093 6921 or email:​

Click on the above link to watch the video

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Our Talking Books solution are now being deployed in several schools in Telangana state (please go here for details: ). Our off-the-shelf Talking Books kit can also be made into a standard offering in your school. Many schools have already created a 'Talking Books Hour' where children learn in small groups under guidance of a teacher, play quiz, puzzles and build a rich vocabulary. With our new series of Talking Books supporting 9 Indian languages, you can not ask for a better learning toy. Go here for more on product:  and how to procure online. 

Helps: Self paced learning, pronunciation, motor skills, builds vocabulary, multiple languages and general knowledge

Recommended Age group: 2 years + (depending on books used)

Bulk purchases for schools come with attractive discounts!