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How does the reader (Dolphio) get powered on?

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posted Jan 2, 2017 by anonymous

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The DolphiO is charged via a USB charger (included in the kit). There are removable batteries inside the device, so please do not open it.

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The iSpark reader is an electronic piece of hardware that has been hardened for regular usage by children. At the same time it is safe adn child-friendly. The device has no moving parts, no tiny components jetting out, no rough edges and is large enough for easy grip. The device does not break upon dropping on floor or even on casual throwing by young children for ex., The rubberized fins provide cushion on accidental drop and the hard plastic body makes the reader reasonably rugged. We have large number of users, who have used the product for over 2 years and the device is still functional with no cracks and or physical damage on the body.