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School kids learn to recycle wrappers and aim to reduce environment pollution

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Picture Source: Times Of India

By Seema Mattoo

Safai bank is a new venture that helps reduce pollution in our environment. They visit schools and teach children on how to reduce pollution by requesting kids to get wrappers of biscuits, chocolates, chips, ice creams etc. These are collected and are picked up by a cement company who mix these wrappers into the cement kiln.

This mixture is very durable and long lasting and is then used for making roads and footpaths. The school or organisation that has help collect maximum wrappers and helped the environment gets an award and certificate.

The above has led to kids competing and making special efforts in collecting wrappers which would otherwise have been burnt by rag pickers on the street since it does not gain any benefit to them. This burning of wrappers increases the carbon dioxide and adds to air pollution.
Socialactivist Mili Shetty who takes up various such initiatives in the area says, "The venture is targeted at schools since kids eat a lot of junk food with wrappers. 

While the initiative was started with St Mary's school, the plan is to begin in all schools around Kandivli."

posted Sep 12, 2018 by Gowri Vimalan

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The time is almost there when schools are getting ready to re-open and to begin new session. It is hard for everyone to go back to the school after long break but it is important to understand that it is the same school routine which gives children the much needed stability and focus which helps them in the future? So how to prepare children for the new session!

Parents play a very important role for the child who is going to the school for the first time. Most of today's children have already seen play schools but going to a big school is all together a different task and while child may be happy about it, he may also be feeling nervous at the same time.

The playschool is generally small next to home school with fewer children but going to a big school in school bus with so many different children can make your child lose courage and confidence hence, it is important for the parents to prepare the child for this situation. It is best, if it is permitted, to take your child on the tour of the school before the school begins so that they can become familiar with the surroundings and atmosphere.

For children who are going to enter new class, have their own moments of anxiety. They may be happy about moving into a new class but they may be worried about who is going to be my new class teacher and stuff like that. Parents must understand this and help their child to cope with the situation and they must never use schools as mode of punishment. For ex, I will send you to a boarding school or wait I am going to report this to your class teacher. Talk to you children about the new things which he may get to see such as may be a new building of the school, new books, new bag, and may be new friends.

Students who are going to school after summer break must check their homework list to ensure that everything is completed.
Be supportive and watch the back of your child and he will grow into a citizen of the nation that we all can be proud of.

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Sridhar Pai



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Here is a really cool development!

According to this piece by Tanu Kulkarni, in The Hindu (full story with original link below) parents of school going kids in Bengaluru are finally feeling the urge to splurge on 'learning Kannada. If you have been in Bangalore you have certainly heard the now famous, 'kannad gottilla' catch all phrase, that simply is the ultimate excuse for most people who will claim their passage on the basis of not knowing the language. But not any more if the state government decides to have its say.

Again we dont know for sure if this is a pure election gimmick by the state government angling for votes or a genuine attempt to breathe some life into one of the most fascinating ancient languages and culture vehicles of India: Kannada. 
Read on for more.

Why Parents in Bengaluru are in mad rush to learn Kannada

Unexpected fallout of the State government’s move to make language a compulsory subject in school 
After years of going about life without knowing Kannada, parents in Bengaluru are now scrambling to learn the local language and its script. From joining ...

Ispark Innovations has a solution for this.

It's great to know parents are rushing to learn kannada. We are delighted to present Ispark talking books kit including kannada learning book as part of the solution. Go to the following link for full details and purchase



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Bengaluru: Over 40 government school science teachers donned students hats for an enrichment programme conducted in the city. They were taught how to make science lessons more interactive and student-friendly.

Anubhava Science Foundation's (ASF) in collaboration with Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology (KSCST) launched the Teachers's Enrichment programme a year ago. As part of the initiative, sessions are conducted for science teachers of higher primary government and Aided schools at The Indian Institute of Science (IISC). 

It was a great learning experience for us. We realized the importance of making science and maths more student- friendly . We learnt everything from speed of light to rainwater harvesting. Initially, we used to just read up from the text books and come to class. Now, we begin the class with a question , said S Devika Bai from GPHS School.