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Did you know why parents in Bengaluru are rushing to learn Kannada?

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Here is a really cool development!

According to this piece by Tanu Kulkarni, in The Hindu (full story with original link below) parents of school going kids in Bengaluru are finally feeling the urge to splurge on 'learning Kannada. If you have been in Bangalore you have certainly heard the now famous, 'kannad gottilla' catch all phrase, that simply is the ultimate excuse for most people who will claim their passage on the basis of not knowing the language. But not any more if the state government decides to have its say.

Again we dont know for sure if this is a pure election gimmick by the state government angling for votes or a genuine attempt to breathe some life into one of the most fascinating ancient languages and culture vehicles of India: Kannada.
Read on for more.

Why Parents in Bengaluru are in mad rush to learn Kannada

Unexpected fallout of the State government’s move to make language a compulsory subject in school
After years of going about life without knowing Kannada, parents in Bengaluru are now scrambling to learn the local language and its script. From joining ...

posted Feb 6, 2018 by anonymous

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