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2 B'luru students win national science contest

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Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar with Shrishti Kulkarni (third from the left in front row, wearing a brown shirt and trousers), Joel Tony (in blue jeans and white shirt, next to the minister) and other winners of a national-level science contest in New Delhi. PIB

Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar with Shrishti Kulkarni (third from the left in front row, wearing a brown shirt and trousers), Joel Tony (in blue jeans and white shirt, next to the minister) and other winners of a national-level science contest in New Delhi. PIB

Photo Source: Deccan Herald

Two students from Bengaluru have won a national-level science contest organised by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)-backed outfit Vijnana Bharati in association with Central government institutions.

Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Prakash Javadekar felicitated the winners — Shrishti Kulkarni, a student of Gear Innovative International School, Koramangala, and Joel Tony, a student of Inventure Academy, Whitefield - at a function here.

The minister also felicitated 12 other winners of the ‘Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan’ awards for 2016-17. Each of the winners of the contest was awarded a medal and certificate of merit.

“Physics is my favourite subject. It just fascinates me because I feel Physics has answers to every problem,” Tony, who will now be a student of Class IX, told Javadekar, when the minister asked him about his academic interests.

Tony, however, kept his cards close to his chest about future plans. “I wouldn’t mind,” he said, when Javadekar asked him if he wanted to become a physicist.

Shrishti, who has been promoted to class VIII, told the minister she aspired to become a scientist. “I have interest in Mathematics and Science,” she said.

Vigyan Bharati organised the nationwide contest in three stages in collaboration with the National Council of Educational Research and Training and Vigyan Prasar, an autonomous institution under the Centre’s department of science and technology.

A total of 1.4 lakh students from 1,472 schools, including 264 Kendriya Vidyalayas, participated in the contest. Out of them, 14 students were declared winners. The contest was held for students of Classes VI to XI.


DH News Service, New Delhi, Jun 15 2017
posted Jun 15, 2017 by anonymous

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Once child labourers, now meritorious students

Photo Credit - Times of India

Janakya Rama was on a hotel's housekeeping staff two years ago. Now, the 16-year-old dreams of doing getting MBA in the hospitality sector. The II PU student of Nayana Jyothi PU College was on Monday honoured for his academic performance (68.5% in I PU) by minister for infrastructure and development Roshan Baig on World Day Against Child Labour at Vidhana Soudha

Karnataka Labour Department

"I want to work in a big hotel and get rid of all the bad memories of my childhood which was lost doing menial jobs in a hotel," said Janakya Rama. Twenty students like him were honoured for overcoming their traumatic past as child labourers and becoming great performers.

Zareena, who is from Andhra Pradesh where her mother works in a beedi factory and she as a maid, saw her life change in 2011 when her elder brother got a job in a call centre in Bengaluru and brought her here. She was admitted to the Association for Promoting Social Action (APSA) hostel for children and she started studying.

"I learnt to read and write Kannada and English in three months.Today before coming to Vidhana Soudha, I went to my APSA hostel and they were all praise for me. I did not know that I would be awarded by a minister. I am much more motivated now," she said joyfully. She scored 72% in the recent SSLC examination.

Shashi Kumar, who lives in the Sparsha Trust hostel, scored 90% in his board examination this year, but has no family members with whom he can share his joy . He took up car washing at a very young age to earn his bread and butter. "I want to be a doctor and have started preparing for that. I don't want any other child to suffer like me and will help them in future. I have learnt hard work from my tough childhood," said Shashi.

The others honoured included Abrar Sharif (91.9% in SSLC) from Raza Education Society who worked as a mechanic, Lata L (64% in SSLC) from Sandeep Seva Nilayam who earlier worked as a maid and Raghu G (86% in I PUC) who was a salesman at the age of 12.

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It was done in a bid to infuse the concept of environment conservation and afforestation among students

Scores of students of a government high school were apprised of the seed ball culture in a bid to infuse the concept of environment conservation and afforestation here on Thursday.

An initiative of Samskruthi Women’s Sphere, the event was held at the Government Model Higher Primary School, Ashokapuram, and the objective was to introduce at least 500 children and 200 lady volunteers to the concept of seed ball. The organisers said the chances of seed ball germination and subsequent growth as a plant was more owing to initial nutrition available for seeds as soon as it sprouts.

Honge, arali, bevu, hunase, nalli, alle, and sithaphal seeds were used in the making of seed ball as these are indigenous and require minimal maintenance. The seed balls will be dropped along T.Narsipura-Mysuru Highway linking the Mysuru-Nanjangud Eoad apart from the Outer Ring Road, Lingambudhi Lake, and other places, according to sphere president Sridevi S. Bhoopalam. The seeds and mud were procured from the Forest Department.

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Hottest known planet discovered

Scientists have discovered the hottest known planet located 650 light years from Earth, which is warmer than most stars in the universe and sports a giant, glowing gas tail like a comet. The Jupiter-like planet orbits a massive star KELT-9 every day and a half, researchers said.

With a day-side temperature peaking at 4,326 degree Celsius the newly discovered exoplanet, designated KELT-9b, is hotter than most stars and only 926 degree Celsius cooler than our Sun.

The ultraviolet radiation from the star it orbits is so brutal that the planet may be evaporating away under the intense glare, producing a glowing gas tail.PTI


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Bengaluru sisters trek to fight child trafficking

The sisters at the Everest Base Camp

Bangalore Mirror Bureau |

By Ananya Kashyap

To the uninitiated, human trafficking is a growing problem in India and its neighbouring countries. There is a long list of people and organisations working towards curbing this, and rightly so. Add two girls - aged 12 and 13 - to this list, and the plot gets curiouser and curiouser, given that children and women are the biggest victims of trafficking. But when one is told that Venya and Gauri, siblings who study in an international school in Bengaluru, managed to raise funds to the tune of $5,000 to the cause of rescuing and rehabilitating trafficked women in Nepal, you read, intently.

During their trip to Nepal two years ago, there was a landslide and the girls saw many trafficking agents trying to smuggle children and women who were left vulnerable after losing homes and families. The incident was a clarion call to action and, ever since, the girls have taken it upon themselves to raise awareness about trafficking.
They got in touch with Maiti Nepal, an NGO that was started by Anuradha Koirala almost 25 years ago. Maiti Nepal helps victims of sex trafficking. It also operates a rehabilitation home in Kathmandu, as well as transit homes at the Indo-Nepal border.

On March 25 this year, the two sisters started raising funds for Maiti Nepal. Through a crowdfunding website, the girls raised $5,000. Then, Venya and Gauri, along with their parents, left for Katmandu on April 7. They started their trek on April 9. After nine days of gruelling climb, they reached the base camp on April 17. All along, they carried the banner with them. They even spent 45 minutes at the base camp.
On April 20, they visited Maiti Nepal and spent time with the rescued women and children. Venya says they learned a lot about trafficking at Maiti Nepal. "She told us that gender imbalance and the general preference for male children in this part of the world were the main reasons for trafficking. Many rural families keep the girls at home without educating them as they find no benefit in sending them to school," Venya said. "Agents mostly approach such families and promise jobs for the girls in India and the Middle East."

The girls said meeting orphans and abused women and children - some with burn marks and broken bones - at the NGO left a lasting impression in their minds.
Bengaluru is one of the hotspots for trafficking due to the high amount of money and demand. And the two sisters now intend to connect with other organisations in Beng-aluru and raise awareness about the issue.
Their father, Vinay Chandra, a software engineer, said they prepared for almost 2-3 months for the trek. "The girls were well prepared as they are athletes themselves. My wife and I needed a lot more preparation," he said.
Maiti Nepal's Koirala plans to come to India for a seminar on the awareness of trafficked women, Venya informed.


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Back to school: Students of Sharada Vidyanikethana Public School, Talapady, looking at The Hindu In School edition after its launching on Monday.  

The Hindu In School edition for the 2017-’18 academic year was launched at Sharada Vidyanikethana Public School here on Monday.

Releasing the new edition, Sushma Dinkar, principal, said the school has been cultivating among the students the habit of reading newspapers. Each room in the school’s hostel was being supplied with a newspaper.

Ms. Dinkar said the student’s edition should have the right mix of current affairs, stories, cartoons and articles that help students. G.R. Venkatesh, Regional General Manager, said The Hindu In School has been providing such content since its launch four years ago.

Ms. Dinkar and ten students launched the edition. Among the students who received the new edition was Advait, of Class 10, who started reading newspapers since joining the school three years ago.

Suhas, of Class 8, said he starts reading the newspaper from the sports pages everyday