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Did you know that MAXIT books are now available on Amazon India?

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MAXIT QUESTION BANK is now available in Print format from Amazon India
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Maxit Question Bank for Karnataka SSLC students appearing Mar 2018 exams. This set includes English (1st language), Kannada (2nd language), Hindi (3rd language), Science, Math, Social (English medium) Includes 7000 questions. Prepared by award winning teaching faculty with years of experience setting and correcting Board Exam papers.

You will find this kind of a description below each Pack. 6 packs are available and you need to order based on your choice of First Language and so on. And your Medium (English or Kannada). Scroll down to find all the various Packs and make sure you pick the one best suited for you. Go ahead and spread the word. For more information go to

posted Oct 19 by Sridhar Pai

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